Durham City Report

13th November 2023

It’s Saturday 11th November 2023 we’re at Parc du Acklam for our first 2pm kick off of the year, After an impeccable moments silence in honour of those who gave their all, the game got underwayIt took 25 minutes and a text from Chairman Philip Tilson for the first score. A Pushover try for Boro with me being reliably informed that Chris Lord had come up with the pill 5-0Boro are back on the attack and good interplay between forwards and backs sees the ball end up with Matthew Marsay out wide who finishes with aplomb (whatever a plomb is) both cons, though struck well from out wide, narrowly miss 10-0The Pink Panthers from DC come back into the game and score 2 tries and one con. 10-12 and that takes us to Half TimeBoro 10 DC 12Our boys in their resplendent 150th kit are now playing down hill and just after the break push their opposition over the line in a scrum, this collapses and a penalty try is awarded 17-12Missed tackles then let DC score a 7 pointer 17-19Boro retake the lead with a pen from Aedan Moloney 20-19Some uncharacteristic talking back to the referee puts a penalty 10 yards closer to the sticks and DC score 20-22A scrummage on the half way sees Boro dominate and the ball is fed to Aedan who hits the line like a rocket breaking tackles with a marauding run the ball is set up and fed to the charging Rhino Josh Lynas, I still don’t know how he got there, to crash over for the winning score con good from Aedan 27-22Is that it then? No of course not, DC charge back up the field and are camped on Boro’s line. Outstanding defence holds them out and eventually they knock on and Full Time is blown. Final Score Boro 27 Durham City 22. What a game!This league is so very tight, Well played both teams.I would like to mention Jack McPhillips who is standing in as captain while Pete Homan recovers. Jack is one helluva a player who, like a few others in our side, could play at a higher level, but chooses to play for his home town club. Jack could be MOM each week as he is Mr Consistency and always gives his all, today I even saw him in a ruck picking up and taking the ball on. Keep up the good work Skipper.We have a fantastic team here, next week they travel to league leaders Percy Park with a 1400 kick off. Thank you for the incredible support you gave them todayCarpe Diem, seize the day boys. Make your lives extraordinaryTTFNJabba


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