The Big Music Bash Round Up

16th June 2024

Saturday 6th July 2024

Despite the weather the Big Bash went ahead and for all those who attended; thank you.

The day started brightly. The sun was doing it’s best to shine but ultimately the prevailing winds dragged in the rain. The DJ and the early band, MAC 3, got the best of the weather but still had to endure a little rain. However, that didn’t stop the fun. Mac 3 certainly lived up to their name. Playing popular covers, both old and new, they were loud and lively, and they engaged brilliantly with the audience. If you don’t believe me, watch these budding air guitarists in action with a member of the Mac 3 band.


How good is that. Thanks for sharing this Zoe.


After Mac 3 completed their set it was time for England to do their bit. The weather worsened and England didn’t really do their bit, at first, 0-1 Embolo. Then they sort of did, 1-1 Saka. Then they didn’t again until the penalty shoot out; still 1-1. Then they certainly did: five cracking penalties saw England progress through to the semi-finals with a 5-3 win in the penalty shoot.

Despite the continued weather the party goers, buoyed by the England win went into overdrive when The Last Anthem hit the stage and for the next two plus hours there were boppers of all ages strutting their stuff to the songs we all know and love. The Last Anthem, true to their renown, went down a storm.


If you were there please share any photos and favourite moments you have of the day.


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